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About Online & Distance BA in Sociology

BA (Hons) Sociology or Bachelor of Arts Honors in Sociology is an Under-Graduate Sociology course. The study of society is known as sociology. It is a social science, a word that is sometimes used interchangeably, that develops and refines a body of knowledge about human social action via diverse techniques of empirical research and critical analysis.

What is Online BA in Sociology Course Distance Learning ?

In Online/Distance Bachelor of Arts is typically a three-year degree program that may be offered part-time by some institutes. The curriculum is organized into three sections and eight papers. Because of its worth and relevance, practically every institution and university in the country offers the Bachelor of Arts Honors in a Sociology course. Candidates with a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in Sociology have several job options in a variety of human welfare-related professions.

Key Features of Online & Distance BA in Sociology :
  • Online MBA programs are good for those students who want to get the degree but don’t have time to take regular classes because of various reasons.
  • The MBA course in online and distance education gives the effcient knowledge of business management and administration.
  • MBA in Online & distance course is the most popular post-graduation degree among aspirants.
  • Greatly benefited from the rise of LMS (Learning Management System).
  • Updated & industry-relevant curriculum.
  • By taking the Online & Distance MBA Course, you will improve both your personal and professional productivity through the development of communication and management skills.
  • Mostly no entrance exam is required for distance or online learning courses, but some Universities conduct the entrance exam for MBA.
  • You can further enhance your career prospects by pursuing an MBA Course.
  • Online and distance MBA program is two years of program. This course can be completed in 4 years through Distance and Online learning.
  • For applying to MBA course students must have a bachelor degree in any field.
  • This MBA course is best for working professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge and seek the best salary packages.
  • UGC – DEB has approved the Online and Distance MBA program in Management, and its value is comparable to other MBA courses in the market.
Employment Areas BA in Sociology :
  • Educational Institutes
  • Newspapers
  • Radio Stations
  • Corporations
  • Criminal Justice Field
  • Human Services
  • Journalism
  • Labour Unions
  • Prisons
Benefits of Online & Distance BA in Sociology :
  • This Bachelor of Arts Honors degree program in Sociology prepares students for careers in industry, commerce, the NHS, education authorities, further and higher education, and charity, counseling, and volunteer organizations.
  • Higher degree programs in corresponding disciplines are available for additional research work in Sociology.
  • There are additional opportunities for sociology graduates in the public service and graduate management training programs. During their professions, sociology graduates deal with a wide range of clients.
Job Types BA in Sociology :
  • Corrections Officer
  • Community Service Worker
  • Census workers & Research Assistants
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Journalist
  • Human Services Assistant
  • Labour Leader & Mediator
  • Market Survey Researcher
Admission Process For Online and Distance BA in Sociology :
  • This is the a common process to get admission in the Online and Distance BA in Sociology.
  • Firstly go to the official Website of that University to which you are looking to take admission.
  • Enroll yourself and fill the Admission form with your details.
  • Upload your all documents in the Form.
  • Applied the application form along with the Enrollment fee (if any).
  • In the next step, Pay the academic fee via the source of payment given on the website.
  • The student will get the final confirmation mail along with the enrollment
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