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MSW refers to a Master’s in Social Work. It is a two-year program appropriate for students who want to work in social administration, NGOs, international organizations, and likewise. The rudimentary eligibility criterion to pursue an online master’s degree in Social Work is to possess a bachelor’s degree. The best part about an online MSW course is that it provides ample time for students to pursue their passions, join the job sector, prepare for competitive exams, and so forth.

What is Online MSW Course Distance Learning ?

In Online/Distance MBA programe, MSW stands for Masters in Social Work. Masters in Social Work can be abbreviated to MSocWk or MSocWork or MSW. Master of Social Work is a technical postgraduate course, that incorporates both macro and micro aspects of professional social work practices in communities, hospitals, schools, and other fields of social services. MSW course duration in India is of 2 years divided into four semesters. .

Key Features of Online & Distance MSW :
  • A master’s degree from home means that students can learn from the comfort of their homes.
  • The program is optimal for students who want to further their careers in university teaching, research, NGOs, and so forth.
  • An online MSW program teaches students special skills such as critical thinking, leadership qualities, social work, communication, and so forth.
  • The program is affordable and therefore accessible to varied sections of society.
Career Opportunities After MSW Course

    The career options after graduating with a Distance MSW degree are endless. Students can choose to specialize in the area that most interests them, and after finishing their degree, they’ll be eligible to work in the field they are interested in.

  • Project Coordinator
  • Professor/Lecturer
  • Program Coordinator
  • Junior Research Fellow
  • District Consultant
  • Research Assistants
  • Project Fellow
Benefits of Online & Distance MSW Course
  • Accessibility :

    Many universities don’t provide an MSW degree. As such, students can enroll in distance or online MSW programs in faraway universities and don’t have to miss out on their aspirants.

  • Quality :

    An online master’s degree in Social Work implies that the quality is excellent, and the employment opportunities are comprehensive.

  • Freedom :

    An online MSW course provides ample time and energy for students to deal with their personal life, other interests, side hustles, and so on.

Top Companies Hiring MSW Graduates
  • WHO
  • CRY
  • Goonj
  • TeachForIndia
  • Ministry of Law & Justice
  • KISS Foundation
  • Ministry of Culture
Admission Process For Online and Distance MSW
  • This is the a common process to get admission in the Online and Distance MSW
  • Firstly go to the official Website of that University to which you are looking to take admission.
  • Enroll yourself and fill the Admission form with your details.
  • Upload your all documents in the Form.
  • Applied the application form along with the Enrollment fee (if any).
  • In the next step, Pay the academic fee via the source of payment given on the website.
  • The student will get the final confirmation mail along with the enrollment
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