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One Sitting Degree Indirapuram :

An Accelerated Degree, often referred to as a One Sitting Degree, is typically a one-year program designed for students who have experienced academic setbacks or interruptions at a University approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development).

This program caters to students who have evidence of discontinued studies and possess gap years in their educational journey. Eligible students can apply for this accelerated degree program through a UGC and MHRD approved University, enabling them to complete their degree within a span of one year.

One Sitting Degree normally a Degree One Year program for those students who are failed or discontinued from any UGC MHRD Approved University. If any student has discontinuation proof with them and also have the gap years as well. then theses students can apply for the degree through One Sitting Degree Program via UGC MHRD Approved University. Student Can complete Online Graduation Degree in One Year program that is specifically curated for working professionals like you.

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The Objective Of The Graduation Degree In One Year 2023 :

The primary and foremost goal of the One Sitting Exam Degree in One Year program is to assist students who possess comprehensive knowledge of a particular course but lack a valid degree. These students often find themselves at a disadvantage compared to their competitors. Hence, this program aims to bridge that gap and provide an opportunity for such individuals to obtain their degree within a span of just one year. Now, students can complete their degree requirements and level the playing field with their peers.

Process Of Taking Online Admission In Degree In One Year :

Graduation In One Year

You have three way to complete your Graduation degree In One Year


You can take direct admission to the 3rd year of your degree program if you have completed your 2nd year of study and discontinued from your university.


A student who leaves education after the first, second, or third year can start enrolling in the third year directly after leaving education after the 1st , 2nd, or 3rd years.


As a third option, a student who has completed a diploma program and wants to apply to graduation with the same field is eligible for lateral entry.

Advantages Of One Sitting Degree:
  • Students can save there gap year by choosing One Sitting Degree Examination Mode.
  • In Fast Track Degree you are not require to attend regular classes.
  • Students are not obligated to visit the University or college on a regular basis for the Single Sitting Degree program
  • Students will receive a degree upon successful completion of the One Year course offered by a University approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development).
  • This One Sitting Degree has obtained 100% approval from all embassies, making it a recognized and accepted One Year Degree program.
  • Fuel your career growth with a Self Paced and live online program.
  • World Education Services (WES) Approved Degree Course.
Eligibility Of Completing One Sitting Degree:-

Candidates have to submit their last Qualification Mark sheets and Certificates enumerated from any recognized College/School in India. alpine Academy offers one-year graduation from a recognized University. After getting the mark sheet, candidates can also validate their registration details Online on the University Website.

Course name Years Eligibility
B.A (General) 3 10+2
BA (Hindi) 3 10+2
BA (English) 3 10+2
BA (Sanskrit) 3 10+2
BA (Public Administration) 3 10+2
BA (Poltical Science) 3 10+2
BA (History) 3 10+2
BA (Economics) 3 10+2
BA (Sociology) 3 10+2
BA (Mathematics) 3 10+2
BA (Social Work) 3 10+2
BA (Education) 3 10+2
BA (Advertising & Mass Communication) 3 10+2
BA in Fashion Technology 3 10+2
BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) 3 10+2
Bachelor of Library Infomation 3 10+2
MCA LATERAL 2 Graduation
MCA 3 Graduation
MBA 2 Graduation
M.Sc 2 Graduation
M.Com 2 Graduation
MA 2 Graduation
B.TECH 4 10+2
B.Sc Graphics & Multimedia 3 10+2
B.Sc Interior Design 3 10+2
B.Sc (General) 3 10+2Science
B.Sc Information Technology (IT) 3 10+2
BCA 3 10+2
BBA 3 10+2
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) 3 10+2
B.A (Education) 3 10+2
B.A ( Hindi, English, Sanskrit,Urdu, Pol Science, History) 3 10+2
B.A (General) 3 10+2
Why Graduation degree In One Year?
  • Students can complete Graduation degree in one year who failed in 1st Year, 2nd year, or 3rd year of Degree.
  • Students can also do migration from any UGC-recognized university through lateral entry.
  • Graduation degree in 1 Year course helps those students who discontinued or failed their studies after the 12th, But now they can apply for a 1-year graduation degree if they have a gap in study years.
  • Students who got Govt jobs at an early age can also apply for graduation degree in one year.
Why Does Degree in one Year Courses Increase Demand?
  • These courses structured for graduation were implemented after watching the demand for fast mode and short-term studies, which saves time and flexibility.
  • Also, students who cannot go for the three years long courses can join these degree in one year courses that are well structured for educational growth.
  • Earlier, the concept of this course was considered not to be in demand, but now it has a huge demand in the market, and these courses also have a whole structured and researched syllabus for the students.
  • Also, working professionals can join this course for their upgradation.
Degree in one year Courses In India :

    In India, there are several courses offered for admission at the graduation level with a duration of 1 year. The objective of institutions behind offering admission into the degree in one year courses in India is to provide the opportunity of completing education to the students who skipped their education at the graduation level midway due to any reason.

Graduation Degree In One Year After 12th :

    Alpine Career Academy offer Graduation in one year After 12th By getting admission into Graducation Degree in one year courses students get to learn and enhance their skills. By getting admission into these courses, students get the opportunity for getting job-ready in the short term duration. The skill sets of students after completing the course get to the level that a student needs for a successful career.

  • After getting admission into graduation in one year course, the students get to complete their education in a short duration of time.
  • The students get to get a graduation degree without appearing or visiting any regular mode classes.
  • At the time of their education into the graduation in one year course, the students are not required to even sacrifice their job if they are doing so.
  • The average fee that an applicant gets to pay for pursuing this course is comparatively lower than the ordinary graduation course.
One Year Graduation Valid Or Not? :

    Yes,Degree in one year is valid because the degree is approved by UGC and DEB or any recognized institute. Universities take all 3 years of examination in a proper format. With the program, one can easily save time that one has already lost, but one has to give all three years of examinations in a single year if one clears all examinations will get a mark sheet and a degree.

    Note: (This is a Breaking Study Process only for dropout Candidates)
    Benefits of Graduation in One Year

    In this highly competitive environment, there are mostly companies that offer jobs to the ones who are graduate candidates. They understand the value of a graduate since once a graduate person is handled over a task to be done, it is sure that would be completed without errors. Therefore graduation is a must and those who have at least 3 years gap in studies after the 12th can go with the course.

Graduation In One Year In Delhi :

    There are many students who look forward to completing their Bachelor’s & Master's degree as quickly as possible. The UGC has approved the Graduation in one year in Delhi. Hence, students can enroll in these programmes.

    Those interested in doing so may apply at the Alpine Career Academy, which offers these programs. The institute helps students in completing Graduation within one year.

Frequently Ask Questions for Degree In One Year :

Q1. Is One Year Graduation Degree valid in Government Jobs?

Ans. Yes! It is approved by UGC / MHRD / AIU hence student can apply for Government Job.

Q2. Can I apply for further studies on the basis of One Year Graduation degree?

Ans. Yes!

Q3. How can a student complete a Degree in One Year in Delhi (India) :

Ans. A student who wants to complete his graduation in one year and has passed 12th Class and wants to continue again from a recognized University, then he/she can complete their Graduation in one year by joining in the precise course or field elected by the aspirants through Lateral Entry. Candidates have to give all three-year exams this year to get an instant Degree of B.A. or B. Com or whatsoever the course would be.

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