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Online & Distance BSc Chemistry Course

BSc Chemistry or Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is an Under-Graduate Chemistry course. Chemistry is the study of matter and the transformations it goes through. Physics is similarly concerned with the study of matter, but whereas physics takes a more basic and fundamental approach, chemistry is more specific and concerned with the composition, behavior, structure, and characteristics of matter, as well as the changes that occur during chemical reactions.

What is Online BSc Chemistry Course Distance Learning ?

In Online/Distance, The study of matter, its composition, properties, and structure is referred to as chemistry. Compounds and elements made up of molecules, atoms, and ions are studied in this subject. Chemistry advances have a significant impact on the globe, ranging from new medicines to advanced materials to new energy sources. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is a three-year course divided into six semesters.

Eligibility Criteria of Online & Distance BSc in Chemistry :
  • Institutions conduct entrance exams before admitting students, while other admissions are based on a merit list established by the institution based on the candidates’ 12th-grade grades. Marks are derived using the best four subjects from 12th grade, including Chemistry as the primary subject.
  • To apply for the course, candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 55 per cent in their 12th grade.
Job Roles After BSc in Chemistry :
  • Chemist
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Lab Manager
  • Lab Assistant
Benefits of Online & Distance BSc in Chemistry :

    BSc in Chemistry offers various benefits to the students. A few of these perks are listed below for you:

  • The students get an opportunity to work in both government and private sectors with handsome salaries.
  • They can opt for higher education like Ph.D., M.Phil. and Master in the same field. This ensures a much better salary and more job opportunities.
  • The job opportunities for these individuals are vast in numbers. Many reputed companies like ONGC, BARC, Geoscience and Sun Pharmaceuticals are always on the lookout for potential candidates.
Top Companies Hiring BSc in Chemistry :
  • Chemical Factories
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Energy Firms
  • Government Departments (Food, Beverages etc)
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Forensic Lab
Admission Process For Online and Distance BSc in Chemistry :
  • This is the a common process to get admission in the Online and Distance BSc in Chemistry.
  • Firstly go to the official Website of that University to which you are looking to take admission.
  • Enroll yourself and fill the Admission form with your details.
  • Upload your all documents in the Form.
  • Applied the application form along with the Enrollment fee (if any).
  • In the next step, Pay the academic fee via the source of payment given on the website.
  • The student will get the final confirmation mail along with the enrollment
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